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CUBRID Manager Database Components User

You can add, edit or drop users by right-clicking Users in the navigation tree after login to the database. All users of the current database are displayed in the sub-node of Users.

Create User

You can add a user by right-clicking Users in the navigation tree and then selecting Create User or by clicking Create User from the toolbar menu.

General User Information

  • User name/Password : The name and password of the user to be added. The maximum length of the user name is 32 characters.
  • All users : Lists the list of users that can be selected as the group for the user to be added.
  • Authorization of this user : Displays the list of groups of users to be added. You can specify a group with which users to add from the All users list will join by using the arrow button. However, you cannot modify the authorization of dba and public accounts.
  • Users that have this user's authorization : Displays the list of users that have this user's authorization.

User Authorization Information

In the User authorization information tab, you can grant or revoke authorization for each table. You can sort authorization grantees for each column and select multiple tables to grant authorization.

Edit User

You can edit the settings entered in the Add User dialog box. However, the user name cannot be modified.

Drop User

You can drop the selected database user account.

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