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CUBRID Manager Database Components Space

Database Space

View Database

When you login to the database, you can view Database space in the navigation tree. With this option, you can select shortcut menus, such as View Database, Set Auto Add Volume, or Add Volume.

If you double-click a sub-node of Database space in the navigation tree, the volume information appears.

Set Auto Add Volume

  • Volume purpose : The automatic addition functionality can be used for a data or an index volume.
  • Using automatic volume addition : Use the automatic volume addition functionality for the selected volume type.
  • Out of Space warning rate : A volume is added automatically when the remaining volume equals to the value set by Out of Space warning rate. For example, if this value is set to 15 % and the remaining space of the volume is 15 %, a data volume is added automatically. The minimum value is 15, and the maximum is 30.
  • Volume size : Enter the size of the volume to be added automatically.

Add Volume

  • Path : Enter the directory where the added volume is to be saved. The default value is the directory where the database volume is created.
  • Purpose : Specify the type of the volume to be added. You can select from data, generic, index and temp.
  • Volume size : Enter the size of the volume to be added. Its unit is MB.
  • Pages : When the size is entered in Volume size, the number of pages for the volume is automatically calculated and displayed.

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