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CUBRID ALL-IN-ONE Windows Downloader

CUBRID ALL-IN-ONE Windows Downloader is an application created to help users easily download any CUBRID components: engine, drivers and tools. All you have to do is to select the components you want to download on your machine and this application will download them for you, one by one, without any other actions required.

Download link

Key features

  • The application will auto-update itself, anytime a new version is available (it uses the ClickOnce technology)
  • It retrieves all the components information from a shared online location, so it is always up-to-date with the latest releases
  • It detects local machine specifics  - CUBRID version, OS architecture – and it automatically selects the appropriate list of components
  • It can handle pre-prerequisites dependencies and  download them as well
  • It provides additional information to the users – online links and resources
  • It handles download errors and auto-retries and it features alternate download locations
  • It saves the user preferences and re-loads them the next time the application is used
  • It provides a comprehensive operations log information

The application is open source and it is released under the CUBRID BSD license. Here is a video which shows how to use CUBRID ALL-IN-ONE Downloader.

Useful links

Please note: as the name states, this application is available only for the Windows platform.

Current release: 1.0 beta

Released on: April 2013

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