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CMS long term objective

 CMS lon term Objective

More details will be added later

  1. CMS test automation
  2. CMS refactoring using C++
  3. Replace Nginx and libevent
  4. Add more test case
  5. Rise code coverage
  6. Format code style for c and cpp
  7. Sync bds to svn
  8. SVN using agreement
  9. CMS code review agreement
  10. CMS interface wiki page
  11. Decrease build warning of CMS
  12. Investigate to port to AIX version of CMS
    • Merge alreay port 8.4.4 code to bds.
    • Update is_cmserver_process() in cm_server_util.c.
  13. CMS CI
    • setup CI on win32/64, Linux32/64. whenever it is building, it should build with cubrid engine.
    • after setup CI, it should be built daily automatically.
    • whenever it is building, it should be run testcases which is made by developers and QA.
      Why we need the build system that is reducing time to make a release package and ensure more stable by automatically testing on all platform which we have supported.
  14. Source codes Management
    • 9.2 changes merge into the trunk
    • 8.4.4 changes merge into the 8.4.5
    • 9.0.0 of changes merge into the 9.0.0 of bds.dbms.
    • whenever we changes latest branch source codes, we must commit same codes into trunk.
    • when we fixed some errors, we also should patch codes into all of active version branches.
      Now, 8.4.1, 8.4.3., 8.4.4, 8.4.5, 9.1.0, 9.2.0 are active version.
  15. Coding style:
    • We'd like use indent utility all source codes. But, we should do at one day when is not fixed any issues. We will spend a day for fixing it after we release new version of cubrid. Bai Center manager said, we should keep the rule as dbms engine source codes. So, we'd like use indent utility in all of cases.
    • We should review all of codes for checking security issues or other vulnerable issues. From today, let you prepare schedule to review source files as one by one. Also, we need to check whether there are functions which are creating, deleting, listing on their system resources.
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