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URL Method Param / Desc / Required / Default Description
perftest/api GET page / Page Number / N / 1
size / Page Size / N / 1
Get the list of perf test
perftest/api POST Refer PerfTest model. Create a perf test.
If you don’t provide much of perftest model parameter, they will be set as default value or emit the error.
perftest/api/{id} GET - Get the perf test
perftest/api/{id} PUT Refer PerfTest model. Update the perf test. Partial update is supported.
perftest/api/{id}?action=status PUT status / Status / Y / - Update the status
perftest/api/{id}?action=stop PUT - Stop the perf test
perftest/api/{id} DELETE - Delete the perf test
perftest/api?action=stop PUT ids / comma separated id list / Y / “” Stop the perf tests
perftest/api DELETE ids / comma separated id list / Y / “” Delete the perf tests
perftest/{id}/api/sample GET - Get the sampling data for given tests
perftest/api/status GET ids / comma separated id list / Y / “” Get the status list for given tests
perftest/api/script GET - Get the available  script list.
perftest/api/resource GET scriptPath / script path Get the resource list for the given script.
perftest/api/{id}/status GET - Get the status of the given test
perftest/api/{id}/logs GET - Get the log file names of the given test
perftest/api/{id}/perf GET dataType/ comma separated data type key / Y / -
onlyTotal / total only? / N / false
imgWidth /  image width / Y / -
Get the perftest graph data.
perftest/api/{id}/monitor GET targetIP / test target IP / Y / -
imgWidth /  image width / Y / -
Get the monitor graph data
perftest/api/{id}/plugin/{plugin} GET imgWidth /  image width / Y / - Get the plugin graph data
perftest/api/{id}/clone_and_start POST Refer PerfTest model cloen the given test and start



param Default Value Avaliable value Description
testName - - test name
tagString - - comma separated tag list
description - - test description
status SAVED - test status. Refer the Status model. Just SAVED / READY can be set by REST API.
scheduledTime - - Test schedule. If not provided, which means "run now". 
it should have "Tue Jan 28 2014 22:18:00 GMT+0900" style value
useRampUp false true / false Use rampup?
rampUpType PROCESS PROCESS / THREAD Ramp up type
threshold D D / R Use duration (D) or use run time(R)?
scriptName - - Script path
duration 60000 - Duration in the unit of millisecond
runCount 0 - Run count
agentCount 0 - The count of agents
vuserPerAgent 1 - The count of vusers per agent
processes 1 - The count of processes
threads 1 - The count of threads
samplingInterval 2   The sampling interval
ignoreSampleCount 0 integer Sampling
param - - Test param
safeDistribution false true / false Safe distribution?
rampUpInitCount 0 - The initial count of rampup process/threads
rampUpInitSleepTime 0 - The initial sleep time during rampup
rampUpStep 1 - Ramp up step
rampUpIncrementInterval 1000 - Ramp up interval
testComment - - Test Comment


Status Status Description.
SAVED Saved but not ready to test.
READY Ready to test. If the test is ready, it wil be executed soon
START_CONSOLE Below status are automatically tranfered from one to other  by controller.
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