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nGrinder 3.0.2 release note

We are releasing nGrinder 3.0.2 fixing a serious bug which nGrinder 3.0.1 has.


  • NGRINDER-332 - User specific agents show max agents value 0
  • NGRINDER-333 - agent ip is always in Ubuntu
  • NGRINDER-334 - Error -Abnormally Testing (TOO_LOW_TPS)
  • NGRINDER-335 - Cannot stop Test when status is "Abnormally testing"
  • NGRINDER-336 - When security is on, the logs are not passed from agents
  • NGRINDER-337 - Real IP should be bound to SingleConsole
  • NGRINDER-338 - Not able to login when restart server while logined
  • NGRINDER-344 - Mean Test time graph is wrongly calculated
  • NGRINDER-346 - Each test name is not visible in accumulated statistics
  • NGRINDER-351 - Log monitor does not work after first log retrieval
  • NGRINDER-357 - Create the user repo even when quick test is performed.
  • NGRINDER-358 - Rlease 3.0.2
  • NGRINDER-362 - Show runcount when user use runcount in report



1. OS, DBMS supports

  • Linux, Windows, Mac OSX is supported.
  • Supports several database systems as CUBRID, H2. The default DBMS is H2.

2. Requirements

  • Be required over JRE 1.6 version.
  • Tomcat 6.X later in advance.


4. References

5. Issues

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