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How To Use Windows LiveWriter in nGrinder wiki

CAUTION!!!  Do not paste MS Word or PowerPoint content directly. It will mess up the whole content (because of mangled html).  Please copy MS Word and PowerPoint content to Notepad first. And copy and paste from  Notepad  .

Windows LiveWriter is the great tool for authring blog post. nGrinder wiki(XE wiki) is actually blogs which enables Page name link as well. So we can use Windows LiveWriter to write post conveniently.


First you should donwload and instal Windows LiveWriter.

After installation, you should add a nGrinder wiki into LiveWriter. Please add followings while add blog info.


And Click Next and provide following info in next popup window.


And It will analyze the blog capability and theme(this will be used for WYSIWYG). However ngrinder wiki does not provide them well. So you should ignore it


Please select No.. here.

First Post

Now you are ready to post a article to nGrinder wiki.


You can put the title, content and copy and paste pictures here, click publish when you want to post a article.  The browser will be poped up.

Unfortunately, will be shown not the post itself. You should move to the post by typing the URL.

However, this page is just created as a blog post not wiki post. So you can not access it by URL either. What you should do is to refresh the name alias.

It makes the blog post has another wiki style name as well. Go to wiki configure page.


You can click Rrfesh Alias button to generate alias again. Well. It might be very unconvient.

So It’s better to create Wiki page in nGrinder wiki web first, abd you can load it from Windows LiveWriter.

Update Post.

When you post or re-post wiki article into nGrinder wiki, you may not see the difference from previous version.

nGrinder wiki has a cache for the page. So it provides the previously cached content. You need to Recreate Cache for it.


Click Recreate cache to reflect your recent changes.

Add Images.

Windows LiveWriter is best tool to create a post with several images. You don’t need to upload them seperately. Just copy and paste images in the post.

Before posting, you can set up how the images will be rendered. Double Click images.


You will go to Format tab in the ribbon menu. You can adjust the size and border here. Mostly It’s better to make it to orginal size and very thin border.

How to make it as a default setting? After adjusting image options, you can make it as a default. Click “Set to default” button to do it.

Add Code Snippet.

You may want to add code snippet to developers. Windows LiveWriter has the SyntaxHighighter plugin so you can put code in the post.

Install precode plugin in your computer.

Then restart your Windows LiveWriter. In the Insert tab in ribbon, you can find Precode Snippet plugin button. Click it.


And choose “Pre” in “Surrond With” and  “Java” in “Highighter Class”. Then you can type code. Finally Click OK.


You may not see any differences in Windows LiveWriter. However you can see the syntax highlighted code after you post this article.

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