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How to refer nGrinder Home

nGrinder 3.X uses ${user.home}/.ngrinder as a data and configuration storage.

You can easily attach that storage by autowiring Config class.

public class ConfigTest extends AbstractJUnit4SpringContextTests {

    public Config config;

    public void testDefaultHome() {
        Home home = config.getHome();
        File ngrinderHomeUnderUserHome = new File(System.getProperty("user.home"), ".ngrinder");
        assertThat(home.getDirectory(), is(ngrinderHomeUnderUserHome));
        assertThat(home.getPluginsDirectory(), is(new File(ngrinderHomeUnderUserHome, "plugins")));

You can modify nGrinder home by specifying the NGRINDER_HOME environment variable to ngrinder.home system property just before Config class is initialized.

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