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CUBRID Cluster Issue Tracking Tips

CUBRID Cluster JIRA Issue Tracker

Ticket types

Issue TypeDescription
defectany defect including bugs. Defect is wider concept than bug
enhancementfunction enhancement, performance enhancement, almost of modifications which are not defect but required.
tasknot only implementation task, any kind of task, much general...
operationdoing operational task, e.g. up test environment.
designno doubt
documentationno doubt
specificationno doubt, this type of ticket will be assigned to spec owner
testwhen we have something to test without product modification, for example, performance comparison...
test from product modification will be covered with defect or enhancement types.
releaseproduct release... Release Manager's role
reviewcode review and test review when no related ticket was presented

Ticket title heading recommendation

  • [Feature Request] or[FR]
  • [Bug Report] or [Bug]. We need add milestone mark in Bug header. Such as:
  • M1's bugs : [Bug][M1]
  • M2's bugs : [Bug][M2]
  • [Problem Report] or [PR]
  • [Specification] or [Spec]
  • [Task]
  • [Code Review] or [CR]
  • [Test Review] or [TR]
  • [Design Review] or [DR]
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