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JWhoisServer Key Features

The key features of JWhoisServer are:

  • ready for the "new gTLDs"
  • ready for IPv6
  • IDN support
  • small and fast
  • platform independent: (tested on different Linux distributions and MS Windows) it should run everywhere where a java VM is available.
  • highly configurable: the provided database is only a sample; JWhoisServer can be configured to work on nearly any database structure.
  • configurable output format using config properties or velocity templates
  • Database environment: Supported RDBMS:
    • mysql default
    • PostgreSQL
    • firebird2
    • SQLite3
    • HSQLDB (standalone or server)
    • CUBRID
    • Oracle (tested with Express Edition)
    • JavaDB / Apache Derby (in embedded or server/client mode)
    • H2 Database Engine
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