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GestDB - Easy Access To Relational Databases

GestDB is a client to access relational databases.

This client is developed in Java and therefore it is cross-platform, meaning it works on many operating systems. To use it we need to have installed a java virtual machine JRE or JDK 1.6 or above.

One of the biggest advantages of this program is the size, 8 MB program and 12.5 MB with free JDBC drivers; MYSQL, H2, jtds, HyperSQL, CUBRID, and Ingres.

Some of the managers that can be connected are as follows; Oracle, DB2, SQLServer, Informix, MYSQL, Firebird, ODBC, Cloudscape, Cloudscape RMI, CUBRID, DaffodilDB Embedded, DaffodilDB Server, db2 CAE, db2 Universal, Derby embedded, Derby embedded memory, Derby server, firstsql, FrontBase, H2 Embedded, H2 Server, Hypersonic SQL v1.3, HyperSQL embedded, HyperSQL server, Ingres, InstantDB v3.14, Interbase, InterSystems Cache, JTDS Sqlserver, JTDS Sybase, Mimer, oracle oci 8i, oracle oci 9i, Pervasive, PointBase Server, PointBase Embedded, PointBase Micro, postgresql 7.0, Sap MaxDB, Sybase 5.2, etc.

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