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CUBRID TCP/IP Communication Protocol


Doc. Ver. 1.0

Last updated: June 2013

You can download the full document here.






The scope of this document is to provide a documentation of the internal CUBRID TCP/IP communication protocol.This protocol is used for all the communications between the CUBRID client(s) and the CUBRID broker. 

The document is based on the current implementation of the native CUBRID Node.js driver.

The driver does not implement all the communication sequences defined in the internal protocol, but the most important ones are there. If you need to investigate lesser used protocol sequences, you should take a look at the CUBRID CCI API implementation (or let us know). 

Please note that the other CUBRID drivers that uses the TCP/IP protocol directly (without any intermediate API libraries) are:


The current documentation compatibility is set to CUBRID 9.1 communication protocol.

As you probably know already, CUBRID implements a 3-tier architecture:

  1. Database Server
  2. Broker
  3. Client(s)

(see more architecture details here) 

The clients do not directly access the CUBRID database. That is, the clients do not need to connect directly to a database “listener port”. In this type of architecture, communication is made directly and only through the CUBRID Broker.

Therefore, the communication protocol documented here is all about the TCP/IP data exchange between CUBRID clients and the CUBRID Broker.

This document contains information about:

  • Basic data exchange structures
  • Specific communication packets
  • Specific communication sequences
  • Additional information relevant to the communication protocol
  • Standard communication logic
  • Code examples
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