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CUBRID Python Driver 9.2.0 release note

Changed and Enhanced Features:

  1. Support shard db.
  2. The driver is support cubrid version 8.4.1,8.4.3,8.4.4,9.1.0 and 9.2.0.

Fixed bug

  • APIS-626 - Python The connection.insert_id() throws an "invalid connection handle" interface error
  • APIS-627 - Python The default connection.autocommit value should be TRUE
  • APIS-628- Python The returned value is incorrect when using CURSOR.fetchone() get the bit data
  • APIS-633 - Python Cannot connect to the shard db in python driver
  • APIS-637 - PythonShard cursor.execute() can not work with a binding shard sql query

Known bugs:

  • APIS-520 - Python Static DateFromTicks and TimestampFromTicks throws Invalid argument exception
  • APIS-274 - python GET TRANSACTION ISOLATION LEVEL returns None object
  • APIS-489 - python The descriptions of Collection Datetypes are different in 32 bit linux and 64 bit linux
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