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Fixed bugs:

  • APIS-522: Fix the date_format error in django_cubrid.
  • APIS-523: Fix the 'LIMIT' format error in django_cubrid.

Fixed bugs:

  • APIS-428: Change the to fix the pip installation failure..
  • APIS-426: Remove free() in insert_id function for Windows platform: merge from trunk
  • APIS-419: Fix Py_ssize_t undefined problem in Python-2.4. This bug causes fail to build in Python 2.4.

Django backend Features:

In this version, the django support is developed. Django_cubrid is the django backend for CUBRID Database.

  1. Overview
  2. Django_cubrid is the official Django backend for CUBRID Database. When using Django web framework with CUBRID database, the django_cubrid backend should be used.
  3. Prerequisites
  4. * Python

    Being a Python Web framework, Django requires Python. It works with any Python version from 2.5 to 2.7 (due to backwards incompatibilities in Python 3.0, Django does not currently work with Python 3.0).
    So, when using django_cubrid, the Python version should be from 2.5 to 2.7.

    * Django

    Now only supports Django-1.4. It's tested in Django-1.4.2.
  5. Known issues
  6. * The Django sqlflush command maybe failed because of the foreign constraints between database tables.

    * After using the Django loaddata command, the insert SQL manipulation in the application maybe failed, becuse of the auto_increment field.

    * Perhaps you may encounter the below warning:
    RuntimeWarning: DateTimeField received a naive datetime (2013-01-15 06:38:37.463000) while time zone support is active.
    The reason is that CUBRID dosen't support timezone. You can set "USE_TZ" to False in to avoid this warning.

  7. Refer to How to use Django with CUBRID for more infomation.

Changed and Enhanced Features:

  1. support designated charset in the key-value arguments of connect()
  2. add the mult-byte character support for the data in CUBRID
  3. support bind NULL value to sql statement
  4. support bind unicode string to sql statement
  5. support bind integer to sql statement
  6. add the iteration feature for cursor object.
  7. update the samples
  8. update the README file
  9. move the unit test cases into tests/

Fixed bugs:

  • APIS-423: Access the major version and minor version from sys.version_info by indexing.
  • APIS-426: The unicode keyword isn't supported in cursor() when using Python-3.x
  • APIS-419: Add break in the switch in the _cubrid_ConnectionObject_schema_to_pyvalue().

Fixed bugs:

  • APIS-181: A lot of error messages will appear when sql statements is "select * from db_user".
  • APIS-232: added escape_string() to python driver.
  • APIS-348:add set_autocommit() and get_autocommit() in CUBRIDdb.
  • APIS-368: Add the DatabaseError and InterfaceError exception.
  • APIS-369:deal with None object when binding None.
  • APIS-373: Convert NUMERIC type in CUBRID to decimal.Decimal in Python.
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