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Cubrid PHP Driver 9.1.0 release note

Fixed bugs:

  1. APIS-121 - PHPReturn value is not false when passing a invalid time to cubrid_bind method
  2. APIS-358 - PHP Create table failed when using default timestamp '2038-01-19 12:14:07'
  3. APIS-364 - PHPWindows the export lob file from db is not correct after import the lob fie into db successfully
  4. APIS-513 - PHP Static Cas error code is not expected in Windows
  5. APIS-553 - Manual page for cubrid_close_request() should be edited
  6. APIS-554 - cubrid_connect_with_url example does not have updated connection url
  7. APIS-556 - cubrid_fetch CUBRID_LOB tries to allocate 4 billion bytes
  8. APIS-557 - cubrid_lob2_seek64 example does not work properly
  9. APIS-558 - PHPsome bug about document
  10. APIS-560 - Cannot load PHP API in CentOS 5.6: undefined symbol: pthread_create in Unknown on line 0
  11. APIS-562 - Cannot execute DELETE query in CUBRID SHARD via PHP API
  12. APIS-583 - PHP The cubrid_get_class_name() function throws a warning if select data from a system table
  13. APIS-596 - PHPManual The 'test_lob' table which is not created initially may lead some misunderstandings

Changed and Enhanced Features::

  1. APIS-555 - support Collection Data Types in Pdo driver
  2. APIS-559 - Compile PHP/PDO drivers from together with CCI source code instead of including the entire CCI binary.
  3. APIS-584 - PHPManual Some 'Example' codes about the driver in are somewhat confused
  4. APIS-580 - Support CCI connection string parameters like altHosts, loadBalance in PHP/PDO

Fixed bugs:

  1. APIS-548: The PHP driver does not support non-prepared statement for CUBRID shard database.
  2.  APIS-546: The PDO driver does not support for the connection between the PDO and CUBRID shard broker.
  3. APIS-550: The PDO driver does not support prepare and query function in CUBRID shard db.
  4.  APIS-551: The PHP driver does not support shard_key sql hint in CUBRID shard db.

Changed and Enhanced Features:

  1. APIS-417: Add the support of binding ENUM type data in CUBRID PHP driver.
  2. Enable cci_connect_ex(), cci_connect_with_url_ex(), escape_string() APIs for Windows platform.
  3. Update the urls infomation in README.

Fixed bugs:APIS-397: fix the NULL type support in PHP driver.

  1. APIS-397: fix the NULL type support in PHP driver.
  2. APIS-434: fix memory leak when using cubrid_insert_id() in Windows platform.
  3. APIS-185: Update the error message when the connection is failed.
  4. APIS-459: When querying the column info, return "unknown" instead of error for unknown type.

Fixed bugs:

  1. APIS-285: Modify cubrid_real_escape_string function
  2. APIS-338: When execute the sql statement containing "prepare", the error info is not right.
  3. APIS-293: fix the bug of the default PUBLIC user when there is only one argument in cubrid_connect_with_url()
  4. APIS-353: cubrid_schema dosen't support to query all triggers with CUBRID_SCH_TRIGGER type. Fixed the PHP driver part.
  5. NOISSUE: not use two connect_ex and new excape_string functions in Windows platform, because the cascci.lib doesn't export these functions.
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