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CUBRID OLEDB Driver 9.1.0 release note


Fixed bugs:


Fixed bugs:

  • APIS-390 - Requesting schema_info unnecessarily
  • APIS-398 - OLEDB] The previous Connection String doesn't work when connecting to a remote CUBRID 
  • APIS-406 - OLEDB] provider 64bit doesn't work well - CLONE from CUBRIDSUS
  • APIS-407 - OLEDB] Supporting Charset setting in OLEDB Provider
  • APIS-457 - OLEDB] Some warnings in Test Connection, if using 64bit provider
  • APIS-490 - When using CursorLocation = adUseClient, it is crashed!
  • APIS-531 - OLEDB] OleDbCommand.ExecuteReader(CommandBehavior) problem
  • APIS-534 - OLEDB] return value of OleDbDataAdapter.Fill(DataTable) is not right
  • APIS-535 - OLEDB]if use Reader.GetBoolean to get a bit data, it will throw an exception
  • APIS-541 - OLEDB] rollback of OleDbTransaction is not work

Updates summary since beta release

  • 2 new schema rowsets added (Catalog and SQL language)
  • New test cases added (localization, data types handling, extended connect)
  • Changed the login internal procedure to use the connect_with_url CCI function; additional parameters included (login & query timeout, auto-commit)
  • 64-bit driver library available for download
  • Various updates in the source code; more code cleanup
  • Additional resources made available (new tutorial and short video)
  • Some improvements in LOB handling
  • New Installer version

General development notes

Release components

  • The driver source code (
  • The driver OLE DB Data Provider compiled library x32/x64 release (CUBRIDProvider.dll)
  • Win32 Driver Installer (with a short video)
  • Release notes
  • Test cases suite : 60+ OLE DB Consumer test cases (see the attachments for a test suite run output)
  • 3 Tutorials

Known limitations

  • There is limited support for queries not based on tables structures, in terms of columns automatic definitions
  • There is no full support yet for BLOB/BLOB Dynamic Accessors
  • Update() support is restricted to Auto-Commit mode = Off, which must be explicitly stated via session transaction.
  • Not all schema are implemented as defined here:
  • More test coverage is required for testing non-standard data types
  • We are supporting mainly C++ OLE DB templates; there is limited or no support for other driver usages (direct interfaces
  • Very limited support for some special data types: SET, MUTISET and SEQUENCE

What's next/To-Do

  • Re-Generate and publish the Doxygen driver documentation
  • Continue to improve support for BLOB/CLOB
  • Make available in write-mode additional connection properties: loging & query timeouts
  • Add more test cases coverage, in particular for CUBRID specific data types and for .NET OleDb access.
  • Remove the data provider distribution from the CUBRID standard installer
  • Continue SVN cleanup and update Trunk
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