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CUBRID OLEDB Driver 9.1.0.p1 Release Note


Fixed bugs:


  • APIS-390 - 수행하지 않는(필요없는) schema_info 요청
  • APIS-398 - OLEDB] Driver를 사용하여 원격지의 CUBRID 연결 시 기존 Connection String이 적용되지 않음
  • APIS-406 - OLEDB] provider 64비트가 정상동작하지 않음 - CLONE from CUBRIDSUS
  • APIS-407 - OLEDB] OLEDB 프로바이더에 charset 지정 가능하도록 수정
  • APIS-457 - OLEDB] Some warnings in Test Connection, if using 64bit provider
  • APIS-490 - When using CursorLocation = adUseClient, it is crashed!
  • APIS-531 - OLEDB] OleDbCommand.ExecuteReader(CommandBehavior) problem
  • APIS-534 - OLEDB] return value of OleDbDataAdapter.Fill(DataTable) is not right
  • APIS-535 - OLEDB]if use Reader.GetBoolean to get a bit data, it will throw an exception
  • APIS-541 - OLEDB] rollback of OleDbTransaction is not work



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