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CUBRID JDBC Error Codes and Messages

The following list displays the error messages raised in CUBRID JDBC API.

JDBC Error Code Number Error Code Error Message Note
0 unknown
1 connection_closed "Attempt to operate on a closed Connection."
2 statement_closed "Attempt to access a closed Statement."
3 prepared_statement_closed "Attempt to access a closed PreparedStatement."
4 result_set_closed "Attempt to access a closed ResultSet."
5 not_supported "Not supported method"
6 invalid_trans_iso_level "Unknown transaction isolation level."
7 invalid_url "invalid URL - "
8 no_dbname "The database name should be given."
9 invalid_query_type_for_executeQuery "The query is not applicable to the executeQuery(). Use the executeUpdate() instead."
10 invalid_query_type_for_executeUpdate "The query is not applicable to the executeUpdate(). Use the executeQuery() instead."
11 negative_value_for_length "The length of the stream cannot be negative."
12 ioexception_in_stream "An IOException was caught during reading the inputstream."
13 deprecated "Not supported method, because it is deprecated."
14 not_numerical_object "The object does not seem to be a number."
15 invalid_index "Missing or invalid position of the bind variable provided."
16 invalid_column_name "The column name is invalid."
17 invalid_row "Invalid cursor position."
18 conversion_error "Type conversion error."
19 invalid_tuple "Internal error: The number of attributes is different from the expected."
20 invalid_value "The argument is invalid."
21 not_collection "The type of the column should be a collection type."
22 dbmetadata_closed "Attempt to operate on a closed DatabaseMetaData."
23 non_scrollable "Attempt to call a method related to scrollability of non-scrollable ResultSet."
24 non_sensitive "Attempt to call a method related to sensitivity of non-sensitive ResultSet."
25 non_updatable "Attempt to call a method related to updatability of non-updatable ResultSet."
26 non_updatable_column "Attempt to update a column which cannot be updated."
27 invalid_query_type_for_executeUpdate "The query is not applicable to the executeInsert()."
28 argument_zero "The argument row can not be zero."
29 empty_inputstream "Given InputStream object has no data."
30 empty_reader "Given Reader object has no data."
31 insertion_query_fail "Insertion query failed."
32 non_scrollable_statement "Attempt to call a method related to scrollability of TYPE_FORWARD_ONLY Statement."
33 iss_fail_login "Authentication failure"
34 pooled_connection_closed "Attempt to operate on a closed PooledConnection."
35 xa_connection_closed "Attempt to operate on a closed XAConnection."
36 xa_illegal_operation "Illegal operation in a distributed transaction"
37 oid_closed "Attempt to access a CUBRIDOID associated with a Connection which has been closed."
38 invalid_table_name "The table name is invalid."
39 lob_pos_invalid "Lob position to write is invalid."
40 lob_is_not_writable "Lob is not writable."
41 request_timeout "Request timed out."
-2003 proxy_exception "CUBRID Proxy Exception." The error is returned when the connection is timed out.
-2013 error_getConnection "Cannot get a connection. Please check broker port of database properties and check whether the database and broker are running."
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