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CUBRID ADO.NET Error Codes and Messages

The following list displays the error messages raised in CUBRID ADO.NET API.

ADO.NET Error Code Number Error Code Error Message Note
0 ER_NO_ERROR "No Error"
1 ER_NOT_OBJECT "Index's Column is not an object"
2 ER_DBMS "Server Error - Check CUBRID Error Codes"
3 ER_COMMUNICATION "Cannot communicate with the broker"
4 ER_NO_MORE_DATA "Invalid dataReader position"
5 ER_TYPE_CONVERSION "DataType conversion error"
6 ER_BIND_INDEX "Missing or invalid position of the bind variable provided"
7 ER_NOT_BIND "Attempt to execute the query when not all the parameters are binded"
8 ER_WAS_NULL "Internal Error: NULL value encountered"
9 ER_COLUMN_INDEX "Column index is out of range"
10 ER_TRUNCATE "Data is truncated because receive buffer is too small"
11 ER_SCHEMA_TYPE "Internal error: Illegal schema paramCUBRIDDataType"
12 ER_FILE "File access failed"
13 ER_CONNECTION "Cannot connect to a broker"
14 ER_ISO_TYPE "Unknown transaction isolation level"
15 ER_ILLEGAL_REQUEST "Internal error: The requested information is not available"
16 ER_INVALID_ARGUMENT "The argument is invalid"
17 ER_IS_CLOSED "Connection or Statement might be closed"
18 ER_ILLEGAL_FLAG "Internal error: Invalid argument"
19 ER_ILLEGAL_DATA_SIZE "Cannot communicate with the broker or received invalid packet"
20 ER_NO_MORE_RESULT "No More Results"
21 ER_OID_IS_NOT_INCLUDED "The ResultSet does not include the OID"
22 ER_CMD_IS_NOT_INSERT "Command is not INSERT"
23 ER_UNKNOWN "Other Error"
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