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CUBRID ADO.NET Driver 9.3.0 Release Note

Changed and Enhanced Features:

1. The driver is support cubrid version 8.4.1,8.4.3,8.4.4,9.1.0, 9.2.0 and 9.3.0
2. Change the implementation of CUBRIDCommand.GetGeneratedKeys(). In order to get the generated keys, the you must set CUBRIDCommand.IsGeneratedKeys = true before execute the insert sql like following:
3. Add support of CUBRIDConnection.GetSchema() to return the supported collectionNames and the number of filters instead of UnSupportedException.

  cmd.IsGeneratedKeys = true; // set the isGeneratedKeys on before execute insert with auto increment.

  cmd.CommandText = "insert into tkeys(str) values('xyz')";


  System.Data.Common.DbDataReader reader = cmd.GetGeneratedKeys();


  Console.WriteLine("key: " + reader.GetInt32(0));

4. Improve the implementation of CUBRIDConnection.GetSchema(string collectionName, string[] filters) and use the default filter string "%" when the filter item is null to return all schemas satisfying the collectionName and remaining filter items

Fixed bug

  • APIS-725 The version number in release notes should be
  • APIS-726 The installer should contains the build number
  • APIS-727 The DbConnection.GetSchema(string) should throw an ArgumentException if the arg is specified as null.
  • APIS-728 The DbConnection.GetSchema(string) should return null if the collectionName is invalid  
  • APIS-729 The CUBRIDCommand.GetGeneratedKeys() throws a "missing or invalid arguments" Exception

Known bugs:

  • There are also several known improvement issues for ADO.NET driver such as APIS-688  etc., which could be resolved in the future patches.
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