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CUBRID ADO.NET Driver 8.4.1 Release Note

Release Notes
February 2012 - Update for release 8.4.1

Version: Stable 8.4.1
CUBRID engine compatibility: 8.4.1
Online location:

Main features implemented
- 100% Fully-managed code. Does not require any local CUBRID component installation.
- Open-source code, released under GPL v2 license.
- Implementation of the CUBRID 8.4 (sockets) communication protocol
- BLOB/CLOB support; CUBRID Collections support.
- Implementation of all main classes in ADO.NET model
- Extended classes implementation (SchemaProvider, CommandBuilder etc.)
- Test cases. There are 70+ scenario test cases.
- Driver implementation documentation, in CHM format.
- Localization support built-in. For now, only English messages are released.
- Various source code demos/examples: UI, VB.NET, NHibernate.
- Tutorials

- The library release (CUBRID.Data.dll)
- The driver Installer
- The Release notes
- The CHM driver documentation
- Scenarios test cases (70+)

Known issues/TODOs

Please let us know your feedback.

Thank you!
The CUBRID team
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