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How to use altHost with driver?

CUBRID CCI driver can use altHosts option via cci_connect_with_url function.

JDBC and PHP drivers have similar function that can be used in HA environment.

But I can't find a method in ADO.NET driver that allows to use altHosts.

Is there a method that can connect with altHost?


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asked 4 years ago
17 Answers

Here is an example to set altHosts:

string connString ="ado:CUBRID:";
CUBRIDConnection conn = new CUBRIDConnection();
conn.ConnectionString = connString;

As shown above ADO.NET driver can connect to a CUBRID Broker using a connection string. The format of a connection string is same as in cci_connect_with_url.

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answered 4 years ago

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