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How do I silent install CUBRID Server?

Hi, I want to install CUBRID Server using .ini file with all the parameters, dba password, java_stored_procedure=yes, etc. How can I do it?

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asked 5 years ago
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I think you have to make your own script file on your OS and to prepare your own *.conf files.
First install CUBRID with default configurations, and your script overwrites your own *.conf files to the conf directory. Then script creates a new database with "cubrid createdb <db_name>" and executes SQL statement to change your dba's password to the DB with "csql -u dba -i changepwd.sql <db_name>".

the sql file should have a statement as ALTER USER dba PASSWORD "new password"



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answered 5 years ago

In CUBRID all server, broker, and other parameters are stored in $CUBRID/conf directory. They are:

  • cubrid.conf (default Server parameters), other variations: cubrid.conf.large (for large deployments) and cubrid.conf.small (for small deployments).
  • cubrid_broker.conf for CUBRID Broker parameters.

To set your desired values for available Server and Broker parameters you can simply override these files. For example, you can write a small script (or modify CUBRID's .sh installer file) which would execute default CUBRID installation. Default installation will create default configuration files. After CUBRID is installed, CUBRID Service will not be auto started. This allows you to override configuration files before the Server is started.

Once CUBRID is installed your script can simply override these files. In your custom cubrid.conf file you can set java_stored_procedure=yes and replace existing default cubrid.conf file with your new file. It is that simple.

At the end your script may simply start CUBRID Service which will load your new configurations. That's all.

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answered 5 years ago

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