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Can I deserialise OBJECT types using java.sql.SQLData?

From what I've learned here, I understand that CUBRID tables (classes) can have columns (attributes) of an OBJECT type, where the concrete OBJECT type is in fact another table (class). This can be visualised with the following query:

select class_name, attr_name, domain_class_name
from db_attribute 
where data_type = 'OBJECT';

Which outputs (for instance):







So in principle, it can be said that db_serial.owner is of type db_user. This resembles what Oracle does with UDT's but it seems to be much more powerful, because tables and UDTs are the same in CUBRID. Especially the fact, that db_user attributes can be dereferenced from db_serial.owner (e.g. looks very similar to Oracle.

Now, my question is:

In Oracle JDBC, UDT's can be deserialised using java.sql.SQLData (which is extended by org.jooq.UDTRecord, for instance). Can this be done in CUBRID, as well? When I deserialise db_serial.owner, I get the CUBRIDOID object. But in fact, I might be interested in a complete deserialisation of that db_user, using SQLData.

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asked 5 years ago
66 Answers

This is currently not implemented in CUBRID. This seems to be a driver thing and adding support for it is possible but it's not implemented at the moment. The driver gets only OID's 

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answered 5 years ago

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