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Is a class unique within a database?

In db_class, I can select classes (tables) along with their "owner". I reckon that "owner" and "user" are the same thing in the CUBRID database. Can the same class exist for several owners in the same database?

In other words: does the owner correspond to what other databases call a "schema", or are there no schemata in CUBRID databases?

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asked 5 years ago
32 Answers

CUBRID does not support schema in the sense in which PostgreSQL or SQL Server use it. In that sense, a CUBRID database has only one schema.

Each table name is unique, the owner field in db_class points to the creator of that class. However you can grant access to other users to that table using the GRANT syntax.

You can use SHOW GRANTS to see authorizations. To see the users that have access to table t you can also write this:

 select from db_authorization where class t in grants;

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answered 5 years ago
  1. Since class = table, they should be unique in the database.
  2. The owner of the class is the creator of the class.
  3. Since there can be only one who can first create a table, the same class cannot exists in db_class for two or more owners.
  4. And the database can have only one schema.
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answered 5 years ago

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