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Is it possible to resize a database volume?

Suppose I created a 20M volume, is it possible to resize it? I notice that if I my data exceeds the volume size some other volumes are created automatically. But I want to know if I can avoid this by manually resizing the initial volume.

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asked 6 years ago
7 Answers

There is no way to "resize" the existing database volume. There are two solutions for this situation:

  1. Add new volume using cubrid addvoldb utility.
  2. Unloaddb this 20M database, delete it, create the same database with bigger volume, then loaddb the unloaded data into this new database.

Normally unloaddb/loaddb utilities are used:

  • When migrating a previous CUBRID database version to a new version.
  • When migrating a database of third-party DBMS to a CUBRID database.
  • When entering mass data faster than executing the INSERT statement.

So, using addvoldb is a more correct solution.

Also, you always need to backup your data before applying any major change to your database.

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answered 5 years ago

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