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CUBRID Required Memory

Hello, how much memory is required to run CUBRID and can it be modified somehow in the settings ?

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asked 6 years ago
12 Answers
There are two variables which determine the Required Memory for CUBRID.
  1. Required Disk Space
  2. Required Memory

Required Disk Space

Officially the latest version of CUBRID 8.4.0 requires at least 500M of space on physical disk. However, the practical amount of disk space required for CUBRID Server, excluding any database size, is around 100+ MB. It may vary for each version.

Required Memory

Besides the memory required by the Server itself, there is a parameter which determines how much memory each database requires. The parameter is called data_buffer_size.

It allows to buffer the frequently used data in the memory so that when you request that data CUBRID could immediately return it without looking into the heap file on the disk, thus significantly reducing the number of disk I/O operations. Here is an article which also explains this parameter

By default when you create a database data_buffer_size is set to 512M. If you OS doesn't provide so much memory, you can adjust this parameter value.

  • Open CUBRID Manager.
  • Right click on the database.
  • Click on Properties.
  • Go to Configure Parameter -> Server Common Param.
  • Set data_buffer_size to whatever you need.

It's a very important parameter. For example, if you have allocated to your VM or your OS only 512M of RAM, you will not be able to start any CUBRID database since the database by default require 512M memory. Since OS cannot provide such memory, CUBRID will fail to start a database.

In such cases, you need to either increase RAM or decrease data_buffer_size of your databases.

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answered 6 years ago

I suppose the question is actually about how much RAM it needs, and not how much disk space.

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answered 6 years ago

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