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Connecting with csql to a remote host

I have started csql with:

"csql XE" or "csql -S XE" (XE being a database I have),

but I do not know how to connect to it from another computer using csql. 

Can someone tell me the approach I should use ?

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asked 6 years ago
21 Answers

-S is for standalone, you need to try in client-server mode (-C).

Try a search with "csql host name" on this site and you'll find

To connect to a remote database using the CSQL Interpreter, you need to enter the remote database information in the databases.txt configuration file located in the databases directory under the CUBRID installation directory (the environment variable which stores the location is $CUBRID_DATABASES).

vi $CUBRID_DATABASES/databases.txt
# local db information
demodb /home/cubrid/CUBRID/CUBRID_DATABASES/demodb DBHOST /home/cubrid/CUBRID/CUBRID_DATABASES/demodb
# remote db information
testdb /home/cubrid/CUBRID/CUBRID_DATABASES/testdb /home/cubrid/CUBRID/CUBRID_DATABASES/testdb

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answered 6 years ago

A simpler solution if you don't want to modify databases.txt file is to just mention the remote ip as a parameter to csql like below:

csql -C demodb@


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answered 6 years ago

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