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CUBRID Localization/Language Translation

How many localization/language translations are available in CUBRID? Is there support for UTF?

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asked 6 years ago
18 Answers
As far as I know, currently there is only the default english version and an italian translation which can be downloaded here:

As for UTF, CUBRID supports UTF-8 encoding. I found details regarding this here:
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answered 6 years ago

Italian translation is not of high quality, so it's not yet recommended. It requires some attention from native speakers. So English is the only supported language for internal messages of CUBRID.

However, client applications, including manuals, are translated, besides English, to Korean. Some users have started to translate GUI messages for CUBRID Manager and CUBRID Query Browser to Indonesian.

Regarding encoding support, yes, CUBRID supports UTF-8, so there won't be any issues with data storage.

If someone is willing to translate CUBRID, it's best to start with client applications (CM, CQB, CMT). The core messages of CUBRID will be difficult to maintain even if they are translated. So, having them in English only is a good decision, in my opinion.

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answered 6 years ago

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