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Multiple CUBRID Instances

I can see in jdbc help manual that you can login to alternative servers.

Can multiple instances of CUBRID run on the same machine? Also, can you please describe the setup?

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asked 6 years ago
85 Answers

Yes. Multiple instances of CUBRID Server can be installed on the same machine.

Regarding the Alternative hosts in JDBC driver, they are intended to be used in HA (High-Availability) environment, when in cases of CUBRID Server failure the system could fail-over to stand-by servers. The following is the syntax for JDBC connection string which includes alternative hosts.


althosts parameter should be passed via the connection string. It can contain a list of IP address:Port tuples separated by comma. This will mean that if a server on has failed, after rctime (in seconds) the system will fail-over to the stand-by server at If this fails, then will try the next one, etc. JDBC will automatically handle the changes between servers.

For more information about HA configurations, see

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answered 6 years ago

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