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User Monitoring

How can I monitor the users' login to the database? I would like to track automatically, into a file, their activity.

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asked 6 years ago
6 Answers

This is already done by CUBRID Broker. There are three different logs you can find in the $CUBRID/log/broker/ directory:

  • Access logs: lists CAS ID, user IP, start time, end time, the time elapsed, process id, and info. Info column includes database name as well as database user name which accesses this database.
  • Error Logs: various error logs are written into these files.
  • SQL logs: all incoming logs are written in these files. Additionally slow queries are also logged for further examinations.

You can refer to these files to see which user has logged into which database at what time as well as what query they have executed.

Also, if you want to monitor users who access your database using CUBRID Manager, you can refer to logs located in $CUBRID/log/manager/. You can look into cub_js.access.log file to see what commands your database users have tried to execute using CUBRID Manager.

All these user activity logs can also be viewed directly in CUBRID Manager under Logs in the Hosts panel on the left.

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answered 5 years ago

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