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Display group members in command line

I noticed on how to manage users using Cubrid Manager and also how to create/delete users as well as grant/revoke privileges from command line.

The thing I could not find is how can you display in command line all users or all users from a given group ?

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asked 6 years ago
1 Answer

You can find user information in the table db_user.

db_user schema:

     name                 CHARACTER VARYING(1073741823)

     id                   INTEGER

     password             db_password

     direct_groups        SET OF db_user

     groups               SET OF db_user

     authorization        db_authorization

     triggers             SEQUENCE OF object

display all users

SELECT name FROM db_user;

all users from a given group

SELECT name FROM db_user WHERE (SELECT db_user FROM db_user WHERE name=GROUP_NAME) IN direct_groups;

Replace GROUP_NAME by the name of the GROUP for which you wish to list the users.

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answered 6 years ago

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