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Cloning a database?

What is the easiest way to clone a database?

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asked 6 years ago
Btw, this question do not belong to the SQL category, but to Tools maybe...? - [Level:4]impega 6 years ago
5 Answers

In theory, you could use the copydb tool:


But this does not do a "clone", but a "copy"! :)

What's the difference...? Well, the "name"! :)

A "clone" must have the same name as the original, right...? But copydb requires by default a different destination database name, at least when the copy is being done on the same machine/server.

So in order to get a perfect "clone", you definitely need to use the  copydb AND specify the destination on a different machine/server.

On the same machine, all you can get is a "copy" of the database - the name obviously will be different, so it's not a perfect "clone"...


Hope is clear... :)


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answered 6 years ago

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