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CUBRID Cluster

Besides the CUBRID Database Project our Development Team together with the community developers work on additional four projects which strengthen CUBRID's overall development environment.
The CUBRID Cluster will allow to distribute the database across multiple servers and boost its reliability and availability. It will be an icon of the blazing fast database with linear scalability.

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CUBRID Manager

This is the main CUBRID database administration tool distributed together with CUBRID. Now it is developed as a separate project on

CUBRID Migration Toolkit

This tools is very handy for both database administrators and application developers who want to migrate their databases from MySQL/Oracle to CUBRID.

Other Tools

CUBRID Query Browser, Uniform Server, Scriptella, DdlUtils, QuantumDB Eclipse Plugin, CUBRID Virtual Machine Images, Clj-DBCP.


CUBRID database is accessible through all major connectors. We give developers a freedom of choice when they work on their applications. All connectors are implemented in C/C++ so that users could take advantage of increased performance.

  • ⇒ PHP/PDO/ADOdb Lite
  • ⇒ Java/JDBC/Hibernate
  • ⇒ Ruby/Active Record
  • ⇒ Python
  • ⇒ ODBC
  • ⇒ OLEDB

Many popular Web applications are being ported to CUBRID. Our developers share their experience in porting applications from one database to another. And now users can download these Web apps, use them the CUBRID Database and enjoy the increased performance.

  • ⇒ CUBRID WebQuery
  • ⇒ Wordpress
  • ⇒ Joomla
  • ⇒ phpBB
  • ⇒ MediaWiki
  • ⇒ WWW SQL Designer
  • ⇒ CUBRID Database Schema

You can try all these Web applications online at CUBRID DEMO site.

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