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The cci_next_result function gets results of next query if CCI_EXEC_QUERY_ALL flag is set upon cci_execute(). The information about the query fetched by next_result can be obtained with cci_get_result_info. If next_result is executed successfully, the database is updated with the information of the current query.

The error code CAS_ER_NO_MORE_RESULT_SET means that no more result set exists.


int cci_next_result(int req_handle, T_CCI_ERROR *err_buf)

  • req_handle: (IN) Request handle of a prepared statement
  • err_buf: (OUT) Database error buffer
Return Value
  • Success
    • SELECT (sync mode): The number of results, (async mode) : 0
    • INSERT, UPDATE: The number of records reflected
    • Others: 0
  • Failure: Error code
Error Code