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Scope of Database Server Configuration

CUBRID consists of the database server, the broker and the CUBRID Manager. Each component has its configuration file. The system parameter configuration file for the database server is cubrid.conf located in the $CUBRID/conf directory. System parameters configured in cubrid.conf affect overall performance and operation of the database system. Therefore, it is very important to understand the database server configuration.

The CUBRID database server has a client/server architecture. To be more specific, it is divided into a database server process linked to the server library and the broker process linked to the client library. The server process manages the database storage structure and provides concurrency and transaction functionalities. The client process prepares for query execution and manages object/schema.

System parameters for the database server, which can be set in the cubrid.conf file, are classified into a client parameter, a server parameter and a client/server parameter according to the range to which they are applied. A client parameter is only applied to client processes such as the broker. A server parameter affects the behaviors of the server processes. A client/server parameter must be applied to both server and client.

Location of cubrid.conf File and How It Works
  • A database server process refers only to the $CUBRID/conf/cubrid.conf file. Database-specific configurations are distinguished by sections in the cubrid.conf file.
  • A client process (i) refers to the $CUBRID/conf/cubrid.conf file and then (ii) additionally refers to the cubrid.conf file in the current directory ($PWD). The configuration of the file in the current directory ($PWD/cubrid.conf) overwrites that of the $CUBRID/conf/cubrid.conf file. That is, if the same parameter configuration exists in $PWD/cubrid.conf and in $CUBRID/conf/cubrid.conf, the configuration in $PWD/cubrid.conf has the priority.