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You can change the name of a table by using the RENAME TABLE statement and specify a list of the table name to change the names of multiple tables.


RENAME  [ TABLE | CLASS | VIEW | VCLASSold_table_name { AS | TO } new_table_name [, old_table_name { AS | TO } new_table_name, ... ]

  • old_table_name: Specifies the old table name to be renamed.
  • new_table_name: Specifies a new table name.

RENAME TABLE a_tbl AS aa_tbl;


RENAME TABLE a_tbl TO aa_tbl, b_tbl TO bb_tbl;


The table name can be changed only by the table owner, DBA and DBA members. The other users must be granted to change the name by the owner or DBA (see Granting Authorization For details on authorization).