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Versions available for this page: CUBRID 8.4.0 |  CUBRID 8.4.1 |  CUBRID 8.4.3 |  CUBRID 9.0.0 | 


Structure Diagram

The diagram below aims to help users who are new to CUBRID HA, by explaining a simple procedure of the CUBRID HA configuration.



Linux and CUBRID version 2008 R2.2 or later must be installed on the equipment to be used as the master and the slave nodes. CUBRID HA does not support Windows operating system.

Specifications of Configuring the CUBRID HA Equipment


CUBRID Version


For master nodes

CUBRID 2008 R2.2 or later


For slave nodes

CUBRID 2008 R2.2 or later


Note This document describes the HA configuration in CUBRID 2008 R4.1 Patch 2 or later versions. Note that the previous versions have different settings. For example, cubrid_ha.conf is only available in CUBRID 2008 R4.0 or later. describes CUBRID 2008 R4.1 Patch 2 or later.