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Versions available for this page: CUBRID 8.4.3 |  CUBRID 9.0.0 | 

Middleware Structure

The CUBRID SHARD is middleware, positioned between an application and logically, or physically, split shards. It keeps connection with multiple applications, sends requests from applications to the appropriate shard, and returns the results to the applications.


Generally, it uses Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) or CUBRID C Interface (CCI), an interface used to connect to the CUBRID SHARD, and processes the requests from applications. It does not require additional driver or framework, minimizing the changes in applications.

The CUBRID SHARD middleware consists of three processes (broker/proxy/cas) and the brief functionalities of each process are as follows:


  • shard broker
    • Receives the initial connection request from drivers such as JDBC/CCI and then sends the received request to the shard proxy based on the load balancing policy.
    • Monitors and restores the status of the shard proxy process and the shard CAS process.
  • shard proxy
    • Sends the user request from the driver and then returns the processing result to the application.
    • Manages the connection between the driver and the CAS and processes transactions.
  • shard CAS
    • Creates a connection with the split shard DB and processes the user request received from the shard proxy by using the connection.
    • Processes transactions.