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Versions available for this page: CUBRID 8.4.3 |  CUBRID 9.0.0 | 

Installing and Configuring OLE DB


Before you start developing applications with CUBRID, you will need the Provider driver (CUBRIDProvider.dll). Make sure to download the appropriate DLL according to your CUBRID installation. You can check the CUBRID version by entering the command, cubrid -- version. You have four options to get the driver.

In case that you do not use the CUBRID OLED DB Provider installer, you should execute the command below to register the driver. The version of the driver should match the version of your operating system. For 32 bit, the regsvr32 command should be executed in the C:Windowssystem32 directory; for 64 bit, the regsvr32 command should be executed in the C:WindowsSysWOW64 directory.

regsvr32 CUBRIDProvider.dll

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