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The DATE data type is used to represent the year (yyyy), month (mm) and day (dd). Supported range is "01/01/0001" to "12/31/9999." The year can be omitted. If it is, the year value of the current system is specified automatically. The specified input/output types are as follows:



  • All fields must be entered as integer.
  • The date value is displayed in the type of 'MM/DD/YYYY' in CSQL, and it is displayed in the type of 'YYYY-MM-DD' in JDBC application programs and the CUBRID Manager.
  • The TO_DATE() function is used to convert a character string type into a DATE type. 
  • 0 is not allowed to input in year, month, and day; however, '0000-00-00', which every digit consisting of year, month, and day is 0, is allowed as an exception.

DATE '2008-10-31' is displayed as '10/31/2008'.

DATE '10/31' is displayed as '10/31/2011'(if a value for year is omitted, the current year is automatically specified).

DATE '00-10-31' is displayed as '10/31/2000'.

DATE '0000-10-31' is displayed as an error (a year value should be at least 1).

DATE '70-10-31' is displayed as '10/31/1970'.

DATE '0070-10-31' displayed as '10/31/0070'.