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Versions available for this page: CUBRID 8.4.3 |  CUBRID 9.0.0 | 

Configuring and Environment ODBC and ASP

  • CUBRID 2008 R3.1 (8.3.1) or later (32-bit version)
Configuring CUBRID ODBC Driver

CUBRID ODBC driver is automatically installed upon CUBRID installation. You can check whether it is properly installed in the [Control Panel] > [Administrative Tools] > [Data Source (ODBC)] > [Drivers] tab.


Configuring DNS

After you check the CUBRID ODBC driver installed, configure DSN as a database where the applications are trying to connect. To configure, click the [Add] button in the ODBC Data Source Administrator dialog box. Then, the following dialog box will appear. Select "CUBRID Driver" and then click the [Finish] button.


In the [Config CUBRID Data Sources] dialog box, enter information as follows:


  • DSN: The name of a source data
  • DB Name: The name of a database to be connected
  • DB User: The name of a database user
  • Password: The password of a database user
  • Server Address: The host address of a database. The value should be either localhost or the IP address of other server.
  • Server Port: The number of a broker port. You can check the CUBRID broker port number in the cubrid_broker.conf file. The default value is 33,000. To verify the port number, check the BROKER_PORT value in the cubrid_broker.conf file or enter the cubrid service status in the command prompt. The result will be displayed as follows:


  • FETCH_SIZE: A value configures the number of records fetched from server whenever the cci_fetch() function of CCI library (which CUBRID ODBC driver internally uses) is called.

After you filled out every field, click the [OK] button. You will notice that data source is added in the [User Data Sources] as shown below.


Connecting to a Database Directly without DSN

It is also possible to connect to a CUBRID database directly in the application source code by using the connecting string. Below shows the example of connection string. For more information, see Configuring Connection String.

conn = "driver={CUBRID Driver};server=localhost;port=33000;uid=dba;pwd=;db_name=demodb;"

Note Make sure that your database is running before you try to connect to a CUBRID database. Otherwise, you will receive an error indicating that ODBC call has failed. To start the database called demodb, enter cubrid server start demodb in the command prompt.

Note To get the latest information about ODBC driver, click