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Configuration Example

The CUBRID SHARD to be explained consists of four CUBRID SHARD DBs as shown below. The application uses the JDBC interface to process user requests.


Start after creating the shard DB and user account

As shown in the example above, after each shard DB node creates a shard DB and a user account, it starts the instance of the database.

  • shard DB name: shard1
  • shard DB user account: shard
  • shard DB user password: shard123

sh> # Creating CUBRID SHARD DB

sh> cubrid createdb shard1

sh> # Creating CUBRID SHARD user account

sh> csql -S -u dba shard1 -c "create user shard password 'shard123'"

sh> # Starting CUBRID SHARD DB

sh> cubrid server start shard1