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Checking the Query Plan Cache


The cubrid plandump utility is used to display information on the query plans stored (cached) on the server.


cubrid plandump options database_name

options: [-d|--drop]  [{-o|--output-file=} file]

  • cubrid: An integrated utility for the CUBRID service and database management.
  • plandump: A utility that displays the query plans stored in the current cache of a specific database.
  • options: The -d and -o options are supported.
  • database_name: The name of the database where the query plans are to be checked or dropped from its sever cache.

Checking the query plans stored in the cache

cubrid plandump testdb

Dropping the query plans stored in the cache (-d or --drop)

cubrid plandump -d testdb

Storing the results of the query plans stored in the cache to a file (-o or --output)

cubrid plandump -o output.txt testdb