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CUBRID Manager and Query Browser

Starting the CUBRID Manager Server

If you want to use the CUBRID Manager client, you should first run the CUBRID Manager server. To run the server, you just need to execute cubrid service start once you have CUBRID installed in your system. For more information, see Starting and Stopping CUBRID Manager Server.

Starting the CUBRID Manager Client

CUBRID Manager is an exclusive CUBRID database management tool that provides features to manage CUBRID and execute queries vai a GUI environment. It is called the CUBRID Manager client to distinguish it from the CUBRID Manager server located on the server side. It can be run only on the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) or the Java Development Kit 1.6 or later because it is written in Java.

The default user of CUBRID Manager is admin and its password is also admin. Please note that a CUBRID Manager user is different from a database user. A CUBRID Manager user can performs tasks such as starting/terminating one or more databases and managing brokers. A database user can performs tasks such as executing queries on specific databases. When you install a database for the first time, PUBLIC and DBA users are configured by default and no password is specified for either.

To download the CUBRID Manager client or get more information, click

Starting the CUBRID Query Browser

CUBRID Query Browser is a light version of the CUBRID Manager client. It eliminates database management related features, and provides only query execution related features; with CUBRID Query Browser, you can execute query statements or execute a database definition language (DDL) by using menus.

A big difference between CUBRID Query Browser and the CUBRID Manager client is that the CUBRID Query Browser can be used regardless of whether the CUBRID Manager server is running. Therefore, it is not required to have a user account for CUBRID Manager when using CUBIRD Query Browser. However, you cannot start/terminate a database and monitor database/broker/HA in CUBRID Query Browser.

To download the CUBRID Query Browser program or get more information, click