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CSQL Execution Mode

Interactive Mode

With CSQL Interpreter, you can enter and execute SQL statements to handle schema and data in the database. Enter statements in a prompt that appears when running the csql utility. After executing the statements, the results are listed in the next line. This is called the interactive mode.

Batch Mode

You can store SQL statements in a file and execute them later to have the csql utility read the file. This is called the batch mode. For more information on the batch mode, see CSQL Startup Options.

Standalone Mode

In the standalone mode, CSQL Interpreter directly accesses database files and executes commands including server process functions. That is, SQL statements can be sent and executed to a database without a separate database server process running for the task. Since the standalone mode allows only one user access at a given time, it is suitable for management tasks by Database Administrators (DBAs).

Client/Server Mode

CSQL Interpreter usually operates as a client process and accesses the server process.