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The cci_fetch_sensitive function sends changed values for sensitive columns when the SELECT query results are sent to the client from the server. If the results by req_handle are not sensitive, they are same as the ones by cci_fetch(). The return value of CCI_ER_DELETED_TUPLE means that the given row has been deleted.

sensitive column means items that can provide updated values in the SELECT list upon the re-request of results. For example, a column is directly used as an item of the SELECT list without aggregation operation, the colum can be called sensitive column.

sensitive result does not receive from the server, not records stored in the client buffer when it is fetch is again.


int cci_fetch_sensitive(int req_handle, T_CCI_ERROR *err_buf)

  • req_handle: (IN) Request handle
  • err_buf: (OUT) Database error buffer
Return Value
  • Error code (0: success)
Error Code