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The cci_bind_param_array function binds a parameter array for a prepared req_handle. Subsequently, whenever cci_execute_array() occurs, data is sent to the server by the stored value pointer. If cci_bind_param_array() is called multiple times for the same index, the last configured value is valid. If NULL is bound to the data, a non-zero value is configured in null_ind.

If value is a NULL pointer, or u_type is CCI_U_TYPE_NULL, all data are bound to NULL and the data buffer used by value cannot be reused.

For the data type of value for a_type, see the cci_bind_param() function description.


int cci_bind_param_array(int req_handle, int index, T_CCI_A_TYPE a_type, void *value, int *null_ind, T_CCI_U_TYPE u_type)

  • req_handle: (IN) Request handle of the prepared statement
  • index: (IN) Binding location
  • a_type: (IN) Data type of value
  • value: (IN) Data value to be bound
  • null_ind: (IN) NULL indicator array (0: not NULL, 1 : NULL)
  • u_type: (IN) Data type to be applied to the database.
Return Value
  • Error code (0: success)
Error Code