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Since query results performed by cci_execute_batch, cci_execute_array, or cci_execute_result fuctions are stored as an array of T_CCI_QUERY_RESULT type, you need to check the query result for each item of the array.  

The CCI_QUERY_RESULT_STMT_TYPE macro gets the statement type for the array items specified as index.  It does not check whether the specified argument, query_result, is NULL and whether index is valid.


#define CCI_QUERY_RESULT_STMT_TYPE(T_CCI_QUERY_RESULT* query_result, int index)

  • query_result: (IN) Query results of cci_execute_batch
  • index: (IN) Column index (base: 1)
Return Value
  • statement type (T_CCI_CUBRID_STMT)