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CCI Overview

CUBRID CCI (CCI Client Interface) driver implements an interface to enable access from C-based application to CUBRID database server through broker. It is also used as back-end infrastructure for creating tools (PHP, ODBC, etc.) which use the CAS application servers. In this environment, the CUBRID broker sends queries received from applications to a database and transfers the result to applications.

It is automatically installed upon CUBRID installation and can be found in the $CUBRID/lib directory. A header file as well as library files is required to use the driver.




C hearder file



Static library



Dynamic library



Because CUBRID CCI driver is connected through the CUBRID broker, you can manage it the same way as other interfaces such as JDBC, PHP, ODBC, etc. In fact, CCI provides back-end infrastructure to implement PHP, ODBC, Python, and Ruby interfaces.


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